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Computer Science Undergrad | Java Lover | Passionate about Software Engineering, Parallel Computing, AI, and Robotics | Learner | Tech Enthusiast | Being human

Brief Explanations With Example Queries

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A Brief Explanation With Two Simple Examples Using mpi4py

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MPI Scatter

A brief introduction, analysis, and comparisons of Lists, Sets, and Maps

Data Structure

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Collection Framework

How Did the USA Place Its Firm Grip on the Middle East?

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A Brief Article on What the Industry Expects You to Be Aware Of While Facing an Interview

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Integrating OpenCV to NetBeans IDE in Windows

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Introduction to the Heaps, Their Implementations, and Time Complexity Analysis


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Introduction to the Graph Algorithms

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What is a Graph?

A Post-Processing Smoothing Algorithm That Cost Not Much Time

A Comprehensive Guide on Stress Management Techniques That Can Be Practiced Easily

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Nickson Joram

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