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MPI is a Standardized and Portable Message-Passing Standard Designed to Function on Parallel Computing Architectures

In one of our earlier articles, we’ve discussed the Radix Sort algorithm and its implementation along with its features in a brief.

We didn’t discuss the Parallelizability of Radix Sort in that article and we’re going to discuss it here.

The key theory behind a radix sort is to sort…

A Brief Explanation to an Optimization Technique for the Minimax Algorithm in Game Theory of Artificial Intelligence and the Implementation in Java

We are now in a decade that focuses on expanding the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in almost every sector that is possible. Since the debate started about AI, game playing has been an important and one of the most interesting applications of AI.

Claude Shannon and Alan Turing wrote…

Top 20 Tricks in Python That Can Make You a Smart Python Programmer

What makes the difference between a good programmer and a smart programmer? Obviously, the way how the programmer performs. In this article, we are going to see some tricks which we can use in Python. These can make us look smarter than a good Python Programmer.

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  1. Reversing a String


Computer Science

A Brief Using A*, Theta* and Lazy-Theta* Algorithms

In continuous 3D environments, path planning is more complex than in continuous 2D environments. A* search on visibility graphs can be used to find truly shortest pathways in continuous 2D environments with polygonal barriers.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

True shortest paths in continuous 3D settings with polyhedral barriers, on the other hand, cannot be…

An Outspoken Pagan and One of the First Women to Study Mathematics, Astronomy, and Philosophy

Do you think that being a woman and doing something which has never been done by a man is so easy at all?


In the year 415 or 416, a mob of Christian zealots led by Peter the Lector attacked a woman’s carriage on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, and…

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